Love Happens

It’s not often we see a true love story. Not the kind we see at the movies or read from a book. The kind of love story that is real and that makes you believe that there’s such a thing as a real and true love story. We rarely believe in that kind of love because we sometimes hear those stories about a friend of friend, we just never quite entirely believe them. I am one of the most septic people when it comes to main stream feelings about love, but once in a blue moon you meet someone to change that.

The story starts with two friends. They are good friends and have been for a very long time. They aren’t exactly what seems like a perfect match and situations weren’t always favourable between the two of them, but somehow something clicked. Them being together wasn’t the most obvious choice and it was the most irrational, but love isn’t rational. It’s quite the opposite. It makes everything become so bright and yet so easily very dark.

They took a risk because that’s what didn’t make any sense and because it was love. The risk factor didn’t matter because even if love were to blow up in their faces, the time that the love would have lasted would have been worth the pain. The exquisite pain they had been so addicted to in the past was the reason why they finally were honest with themselves and gave in to love.

It doesn’t matter how little you believe in it, how imperfect the time is or how little it makes sense, once in a while things happen that you can’t explain. Things that will comfort a septic and that will make them believe that in the end love will happen.


3 thoughts on “Love Happens

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